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  • Naeem Tahir

    Naeem Tahir is Pakistani theater, film and television actor, scholar, public speaker, columnist, teacher and dramatist. His works are extensively published. Career His research work on the Pre-History of the People of Indus Valley was published by the National Council of the Arts Islamabad. […]

  • Publications – Hijab Imtiaz Ali

    الف)  حجاب امتیاز علی تاج کی مطبوعہ تصانیف) کتابو ں کے نام نمبرشمار 1932نغماتِ موت (مضامین)محبوب المطابع برقی پریس دہلی باراوّل 1 1932ادبِ زریں(مضامین)عصمت بک ڈپو، دہلی باراوّل 2 1934خلوت […]

  • Ali Tahir

    Ali Tahir About It’s a collection of shots edited on one of the music I got made for a serial. This montage basically shows the various screen works I have […]

  • About – Syed Mumtaz Ali

    Sayyid Mumtaz Ali’s background in religious debate, his intellectual inheritance from both Deoband and Aligarh, and his spirited advocacy of women’s rights in Islam have already been examined in detail.  […]

  • Syed Imtiaz Ali Taj

    About – Syed Imtiaz Ali Taj

    Syed Imtiaz Ali Taj (سیّد امتیاز علی تاؔج‬‎; Sayyid Imtiyāz ʿAlī Tāj 1900–1970) was a dramatist who wrote in the Urdu language. He is remembered above all for his 1922 play Anarkali, based on the life […]

  • About - Hijab Imtiaz Ali

    About – Hijab Imtiaz Ali

    Have you ever heard the name Hijab Imtiaz Ali? You search the name in Google and what you just get are the endless details and images of the Hijab controversy […]


    Faran Tahir Hollywood Actor 2018 Latest Updates

    Faran Tahir Hollywood Actor 2018 Latest Updates Faran Tahir About us Faran Tahir (born February 16, 1963, in Los Angeles, California) is the Pakistani-American tv actor who performs Frank Ashkani […]


    The trailer of Taj Classics’ fourth episode “Hareem-e-Qalb” produced for Hum TV in 2008. The play is based on Syed Imtiaz Ali Taj’s radio play aired in 1954. The Screenplay […]


    The fourth episode of Taj Classics – Hareem-e-Qalb, produced for Hum TV in 2008. Based on a radio play written in 1954, by Syed Imtiaz Ali Taj. The Screenplay was […]


    The third episode of Taj Classics – “Begum Ki Billi”, based on a radio play written in 1939 by Syed Imtiaz Ali Taj. The Screenplay for the episode was developed […]